Samsung Galaxy S3 Manual

Download Samsung Galaxy S3 Manual - The Samsung GALAXY S III will delight you in every respect. Subtle actions are now possible, as staying active as you continue to watch or follow the people that you love the most. In addition to its user-friendly design, his intelligence is incommensurate. Indeed, the least of your desires will be fulfilled as he thinks and acts inspired by you. Now available in 4G. Thanks to the innovative feature Smart Stay, the Samsung GALAXY S III automatically detects that you look at the phone, whether for read an e-book or browse the Web. The device front photo looks deep in your eyes and screen perfectly lit to enjoy an extended Visual pleasure. What a bright idea.
Samsung Galaxy S3 Manual
Share your content with friends in places close should be simple, fast, and even fun. S Beam function allows you to instantly connect to transfer documents, contacts, photos, music, videos, your choice. You just place the rear sides of the phones against one another, connect, share and enjoy. Il n'y a rien de plus amusant que de réaliser plusieurs opérations simultanément sur l'écran HD Super AMOLED de 4.8 pouces du Samsung GALAXY S III. Grâce à la fonction Pop up play et au puissant processeur quadricœur, vous pouvez regarder une vidéo HD dans une autre fenêtre tout en envoyant simultanément un e-mail ou un SMS. Redimensionnez la vidéo, faites-la glisser à l'endroit que vous souhaitez sur l'écran, chattez avec vos amis ou surfez sur le Web. Ne manquez rien de l'action.

It is now easier to follow your friends and family. Indeed, the Social tag allows you to establish a link between the faces and the social media streams in your photo album. As soon as it is set up, you just have to look at their photos to see their current status. Let answer you your phone. Tell him to come on! Better yet, tell the Samsung GALAXY S III to turn off the alarm for a few minutes and let you sleep a little longer. Answer the phone (or reject a call), increase (or decrease) the sound of music, and I want the camera to take pictures.

The Samsung GALAXY S III knows even when you want to take the floor. Thus, when you compose a message and then you decide to call the recipient, simply bring your phone to the ear and the Direct Call function will dial the number in your place. More needs to search call logs or contacts. Let the Samsung GALAXY S III do the work for you. When you pick up your phone, would it not useful to have you aware of everything that's happened in your absence? The Samsung GALAXY S III knows that you return and emits a short vibration to keep you informed of missed calls and new messages.

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