Samsung Galaxy Ace Manual

Download Samsung Galaxy Ace Manual - Samsung Galaxy Ace is the stylish android smartphone. Personalize your mobile with Android Market and Google Services, take advantage of the Social Hub on your Galaxy Ace, Elegance & Performance. With unified messaging solution Social Hub, you centralize all of your accounts as well as information from your social networks, Favorites, Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace. The detailed contacts sheets incorporate the trade history, community news contact as well as photos from your album and your community accounts. Rounded curves, new materials, all touch screen 3.5 ". The design of the Samsung Galaxy Ace puts comfort and sobriety in the service of the user. Its slim and compact design, as well as its new materials at the level of the rear hull, gives it an appearance anti-slip and ergonomic and therefore promises you comfort.
Samsung Galaxy Ace Manual
Samsung Galaxy Ace Manual
The Swype input method allows you to write your messages in a single gesture. Simply slide your finger from one letter to another to compose your words and your smartphone simply identifies what you want to write. Revolutionary, more need to the keyboard, just to talk. Even away from the office, you stay efficient and organized with the Samsung Galaxy Ace. This smartphone running Android 2.2 platform meets all your needs: emails in real time, automatic synchronization of calendars and contacts, many applications work on Android MarketTM. Plus, with ThinkFree Office, you can at any time: view, edit, and create Word/Excel/Powerpoint documents; view PDF documents; access documents backed up online

The Samsung Galaxy Ace offers up to 32 GB of microSD expansion, your favorite titles, photos, and videos will find their place. Thanks to the processor clocked at 800 MHz, you manage multiple applications at the same time, while maintaining a fluid and fast navigation. The Android 2.2 platform keeps its promises: ultra-fast Internet browsing, improved security and HotSpot Wi - Fi feature. Choose from over 150,000 applications available on Android Market and personalize your mobile phone according to your needs. Free or paid, you access by themes or new arrivals. Your Galaxy Ace gives access to all the Services Google: Gmail, YouTube, Google Talk or Google Maps Navigation. Thanks to the Google voice search, you keep your hands free during your research.

Lose nothing of the good times, thanks to the Samsung Galaxy Ace. It's easy with the camera 3.2-megapixel autofocus mode, including flash or video player-recorder. You share your favorites with ease on your networks. Music, enjoy the MP3 player and FM radio with RDS system and plug headphones or earphones into the Jack Jack 3.5 mm.

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