Line 6 POD X3 Live Manual

Line 6 POD X3 Live Manual
The POD has been part of many studies for more than one decade. Since its first model, the effects processor all-in-one of Line 6 has taken on many forms and offers many different features. The POD X 3 Live offers the power of the third generation of PODs in a format of pedal floor, with a number of useful additional features that make it equally suitable for Studio and stage. The POD X 3 Live is a unit of floor with a solid metal construction, measuring 21.5 "x 10" x 4.75 "and weighs 8.4 pounds. It has a set of 12 pedals in two rows of 6, separated from a large LCD display and a set of "Amp Control" by a pair of metal rollers. A single expression pedal is included on the far right, they can act as a volume, wah, or "pinch" to a parameter of effects of your choice, single or in combination with a second optional footswitch. Rear panel connections include: guitar input, L / R output, pedal 2 input, input auxiliary, FX send, return L / R FX (1/4 ""), input CD / MP3 (1/8 "TRS); Input (XLR) microphone with trim control input guitar Variax (line 6 guitar input), input and output MIDI, output S / PDIF (RCA); USB 2.0 and a connection to the line power supply

The POD X 3 Live is designed to connect to an amplifier as an effects processor, run directly to a PA for a guitar solo act, or to interact with a computer as a complete guitar and vocal recording system. The USB 2.0 interface provides up to eight channels of input to your computer, outputs separated and mixed, in addition to dry their two instruments of input signals. Basic signal flow is as follows: Gate > Wah > Stomp > Amp + Cab > Comp > EQ > Vol > FX loop external > Mod > Delay > Reverb. Any or all of these modules can be switched in and out of the path of the signal as desired, a number of them can be moved around to be before or after the Amp + Cab, and several of them - Stomp, Mod, Delay, and Comp - can connect and disconnect individually dedicated pedals. There are 32 user presets banks, went through switches of Standing Up / Down, and there are four Presets in each Bank (A / B / C / D) which can be selected with pedals. If you're counting, that's 10 pedals so far. The two latter are Tap Tempo (pressed for the Tuner function) and Tone 2.

The 2-tone is important because each Preset in the POD X 3 Live can have two sets of completely separate parameters of path of the signal can be changed back and forth easily or used at the same time; In addition, the 2-tone can be applied to the auxiliary input or even to the microphone, so two guitars (or a guitar and vocal) can be configured once and processed with different tones without reconnecting cables. Instruments separated, mix to apply to a single instrument, or change of roundtrip. Programming using the large LCD to good advantage; Expect to take a long time to adjust each sound to your taste, and to explore the possibilities. The product information says that, in addition to the 128 user presets, there are more than 250 presets ready for operation, and effects possibilities include more than 70 models of amplifier and Cabinet, nearly 100 boxes of effects, almost 30 amplifiers for bass, 6 mic preamps... And each device has between three and eight parameters to play. You won't be bored very fast!

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