Pioneer CDJ-2000 Manual User Guide

Pioneer CDJ-2000 Manual User Guide
Please read these Pioneer CDJ-2000 Manual operating instructions to know how to operate your Pioneer CDJ-2000 correctly. After you finish reading the instructions, keep them in a safe place for future reference. The CDJ-2000 is a multiplayer for professional DJs, offering the variety of functions, durability, and operability required to work in discos and nightclubs. The CDJ-2000 can play not only discs (CDs and DVDs) but also music files recorded on SD memory cards and USB devices (flash drives and hard drives). Supported music formats include not only music CD (CD-DA) and MP3 but also AAC, WAV, and AIFF. Functions include "SD & USB export" using SD memory cards and USB devices (flash drives and hard drives) and "rekordbox LINK export" using the computer where rekordbox is installed. This function can be used to transfer music files from rekordbox and data management via SD memory card / USB devices. This eliminates the need to take your equipment to the club or club.

The included rekordbox music management software can be used to prepare playlists, cues, loops, hot cues and other data required for DJ playback at home early. This allows you to devote your full attention to the DJ Game in the nightclub/club, with total guarantee. Acquiring music files for DJ playback, all measures in the DJ work cycle can be achieved without problems. Rekordbox is an application for managing music will play files that are used for DJs with a Pioneer DJ player (CDJ-2000 and CDJ-900). Data that has been detected and measured, as well as points that have been established and stored using rekordbox, can be used in combination with a Pioneer DJ player (CDJ-2000 and CDJ-900) to achieve DJ performance. When the CDJ-2000 and computer are connected by LAN cable, the rekordbox music files and data management can be transferred directly between them. This eliminates the need to export data to USB devices / SD memory cards.

The CDJ-2000 is equipped with the exclusive interface and MIDI interface to control the DJ software of other brands. There is also a built-in sound card so other equipment can be easily connected. A large 6.1-inch color LCD is used to display not only text data but also photos of the jacket. The combination of a graphical interface that displays music file information in an easily understandable way and a rotary selector with easy operation allows you to select stress-free tracks. ONDA sample indicates data with a higher resolution than previous Pioneer products. When the needle search button is touched with a finger, the sound is played close to the position where the pad is touched instantly. This is faster search point than ever. In addition to playlists with rekordbox, following playlists can be collected temporarily within the CDJ-2000. Music files added to the list on the label can be displayed as a list. This function is very convenient for the selection of tracks during live performances.

Keyword search, letter jumping, and other functions allow you to quickly and accurately search for the desired music file. The CDJ-2000 is equipped with a history storing history play function of music files. You can create playlists of this story by playing with rekordbox. The minimum frame has gone from 1 (1/75 seconds) to frames of 0.5. This makes it possible to set more accurately to achieve exact cue points and loop, advanced DJ set. The ring lighting lights shuttle in four places, up to the top and side edges of the shuttle are clearly visible, even in the dark DJ booths. This can also be used to impress the audience.

The CDJ-2000 is equipped with a quantize function to put a song in rhythm even when the button is pressed approximately, as long as the track has been analyzed with rekordbox. When setting real-time signals and hot signals, the rhythm is automatically set to the rhythm closest to the position where the button was pressed. The CDJ-2000 is designed for the complete improvement of the sound quality for the digital and analog outputs. For the digital circuit, a Wolfson converter is used to faithfully reproduce even the most delicate sounds, high-performance clear, high-quality sound with a rich sense of dough and acoustics. For the analog circuit, a hybrid OP amplifier is used to reduce to the maximum limits inaudible noise of 20 kHz and higher that can blur the original sound. Digital noises are closed out to achieve clear and very transparent sound, true to the original. For more details, you can download this Pioneer CDJ-2000 User Manual in pdf format here

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